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With TomVote™ you vote fast, paperless, digital and in a innovativ way.


Regardless of the device: TomVote does not require any installation. Simply open it in your browser, on your smartphone or tablet and vote. From two to 10,000 participants, in one room or distributed around the world.


View results directly after voting, evaluate them in detail, send, archive, find, print or export them in the desired file format. TomVote™ offers a detailed evaluation and helps you to better understand what your customers think, what your team needs right now or who is best suited for a position in the company.


No more paperwork! With TomVote you save valuable time and resources. Optimize your processes and make better decisions. Surveys, polls, votes and much more are no longer time-consuming matters, bur are created and carried out in seconds.


With TomVote™, as an alternative to the classic yes/no options, you can have percentage voting and thus receive a differentiated and detailed opinion of your target group or team. TomVote also offers you the possibility of combining different question types with one another.

Percentage voting

This type of voting is like an extended yes or no. The percentage value can convey tendencies and it is easier to find answers „from the gut“. Of course, a clear, unambiguous answer can also be given by a one hundred percent yes or no.

Graphic evaluation

The results are clearly displayed graphically. A rough overview is provided in the cluster view, each value is visible in the detailed view.

Live tracking

During the vote, an intermediate result is available at any time, so you are always up to date. After the vote has ended, the result is available immediately and without any tedious evaluation. That saves times resources.

Picture function

In order to include everything in one question that cannot be said with words, a picture function has been integrated into TomVote™. One or more images, graphics or documents can easily be added to the question in order to vote on design suggestions and photos or to provide background information.

Comment function

All participants who have more to say can easily add their comment under each question. The comment function is also recommended for an extended question. All comments made are also assigned in the results analysis. In the case of paper-based secret votes, it has so far been forbidden to write down comments. With the TomVote comment function, the participants can give permitted feedback.


The vote is automatically evaluated and provided as a PDF or CSV file. This paperless evaluation saves time and protects the environment. Of course, the results can be distributed via email or saved at any time. So you have your results neatly and well sorted at hand at any time.

Vote templates

In order to save time, existing votes can easily be copied. This is highly recommended for recurring votes. You can create templates that you can edit and use for your votes at any time.

Time-limited votes

You can schedule each vote, that is, set a start and an end point. This way, votes are only possible in a certain period of time, after which the vote is closed. This ensures that you can work with unchangeable results after the vote has ended.

Archiving of results

The results of each vote are automatically and securely archived in your account. You can view them at any times with just one click.

Results export

The results are automatically displayed graphically in the PDF files, these files are ideal for representing them in presentations or to verify the results with signatures and file them. The data is simply listed in the CSV files and can be used, for example, as a KPI for your own processes.

Embed votes in HTML (website embedding)

The votes can be easily integrated into your own website or blog, which allows your visitors or customers to vote directly on a specific topic. For further embedding into your website, just contact us, we will submit an offer and gladly implement your individual wishes.

Conference voting

Secret voting is particularly time-consuming when many people are to participate. Even in the case of a „head to head race“, voting can be very complicated. With TomVote™ it is much easier, the tool is ideal for voting with many participants. It is also secure and reliable and can be on the participants´ personal devices without much effort, with password protection if required.

PIN protection

If required, each participant can be assigned a personal six-digit PIN, which you can send by email or assign to the participants before voting. This ensures that each participant votes only once. Of course, the vote remains completely anonymous.

White Label

Using the White Label function, TomVote™ can be integrated into your corporate design. In this way, you will also receive a CI-true appearance in the context of your votes.


TomVote™ can be used in German as well as in English, so international voting isn’t a problem anymore. Other languages can also be implemented on request.

Share vote

If you want to share your vote on social networks or via email, just use the generated link. It can be easily displayed as a QR code, and your vote is ready to use for your marketing purposes in the easiest way.

Offline version

If you do not want to save your data in the cloud, we will provide you with our own server for an additional charge, which will be integrated into your network. If required, simply request an offer using the contact form.

Linking function

The linking function is available for extended content. A link can be included in each question, which takes the participant to a corresponding website. In this way, the participants can be provided with further information or presented with images related to the question.


No more paperwork! With TomVote you save valuable time and resources. Optimize your processes and make decisions.


Regardless of the device: TomVote does not require any information. Simply open it in your browser and vote. From two to 10,000 participants, in one room or spread all over the world.


View results immediately after voting, evaluate them in detail, send, archive, find, print, done.


Unique: With TomVote you can vote on a percentage basis and thus receive differentiated and detailed evaluations.