Vote everywhere

Can´t find a common date for the election or voting? With TomVoteTM you can easily vote online from any location.

Vote paperless

Fast and paperless. So you can review, rename, tag, link and reuse your poll or survey as a template anytime.

Add photos and graphics

Simply illustrate your request using images, graphics or documents. This way, your vote becomes an experience.


The german foundation for privat policy and data protection (Stiftung Datenschutz) has attested TomVoteTM an exemplary handling of data protection. We guarantee the security of your data.

Discover all opportunities

With TomVote™ you are able to vote fast, paperless, digital and in a innovative way.

That’s TomVote™!

TomVote™ is the easiest and fastest way to create polls or surveys, make decisions in a team or even conduct elections with scoring. It has never been so easy and intuitive for all participants to decide for or against something and to give individual opinions.

With the help of the intuitive slider, questions can be answered in seconds. Say more than just yes or no. Say yes, BUT. Pick a percentage and show exactly what you really mean, without additional words.

With the TomVote™ app you can conduct votes much more comfortably, faster and more efficiently. The voting tool is platform-independent, no installation is necessary.
With TomVote™ you receive transparent results of your polls and surveys, which you can analyze and process in depth. Your results are saved online for you securely and available at any time.


No more paperwork! With TomVote you save valuable time and resources. Optimize your processes and make better decisions. Surveys, polls, votes and much more are no longer time-consuming matters, bur are created and carried out in seconds.


Regardless of the device: TomVote does not require any installation. Simply open it in your browser, on your smartphone or tablet and vote. From two to 10,000 participants, in one room or distributed around the world.

SlideToVote with TomVote™

With TomVote™, as an alternative to the classic yes/no options, you can have percentage voting and thus receive a differentiated and detailed opinion of your target group or team.

Without any requirements

Regardless of the device: TomVote™ does not require any installation. Simply open it in your browser, on your smartphone or tablet and vote.

Evaluation & Live-Voting

View results directly after voting, evaluate them in detail, send, archive, find, print or export them in the desired file format.