TomVote™ is the easiest and fastest way to create votes, make decisions in a team or conduct elections with evaluation. It has never been so easy and intuitive for all participants to decide for or against something.

The innovative approaches to solutions will also meet your individual problems. In the following you can see some of our adaptations – do not hesitate to describe your situation to us.

A wide variety of criteria: Several questionnaires are analyzed by many different employees in a working group. You differentiate the answers of the respondents and weight the accuracy with the values ​​1, 3 and 5. At the end the analysis, a graph is created from these values ​​that bundles the answers and makes them usable.
Without TomVote™, almost 10,000 results would have to be analyzed and digitized manually. With TomVote™, this step can be completely eliminated and the recorded data can be easily exported as a CSV file.

Flexible questions and related topics

Flexible questioning in case of overlapping topics: After a presentation, all participants are asked about the relevance of the topic, the presentation of the lecturer and its applicability.

The voting is copied and released again for the next presentations with one click. With an adapted result view, not only can all data be viewed, a direct ranking of relevance, appearance and applicability of all presentations is also possible.