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How satisfied are you with my product on a scale from 1 to 10?
This is not an up-to- date question! Too complicated, too expensive, too analog!

Digitize surveys, create innovative polls and stay in touch with your customers.

Possible applications

Customer surveys/ Customer feedback

After visiting your store or restaurant, ask your customers how they  liked it. You will quickly and easily receive differentiated feedback on the questions that are really important to you.

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Market analysis

In the context of a product launch, a new opening or a relaunch, it is important to reach your future target group right from the start. TomVote is particularly wellt suited for this. Create surveys for planned designs, the first menu, the design of your business or other things that are important to you.

Marketing/ Pre-Marketing

Attach a QR code to your email signature and ask your addressees how satisfied they are with your answer, how your customers became aware of you, or how you can reach them in the future.

TomVote can support selected marketing measures by quickly gathering a picture of the mood and making the success of individual measures traceable.

Exhibitions & Events

Wether trade fair, conference, meeting or concert. Every guest collects personal impressions when attending an event. Record these impressions and use the information to evaluate your event. With TomVote you can vote on the quality of a lecture as well as on the performance of a musician or the demonstration of a prototype at your trade fair.

Take advantage of the many options to integrate content. Have photos rated, link a speaker`s speech or the video to the product presentation.

Your benefits with TomVote

Individual costumer feedback

Do you run an online shop, a store, a café or a guesthouse? Regardless of your business field, TomVote™ as a voting platform, offers you the opportunity not only to ask your customers about inaccurate assessments, but also to obtain targeted feedback.


TomVote™ surveys can be created with just a few clicks and be provided via all common channels. Attach a QR code to your order confirmation, spread the voting link on social media, or present the voting tool directly on your homepage.

TomVote is suitable for website embedding, generates QR codes quickly and gives you space for your desired link.

Corporate Design

Your company should be recognized! That’s out of the question. For this reason customer surveys created and conducted with TomVote can be customized to match your company’s corporate design.

Insert your logo, design the TomVote slider in your company colors.

Inserting media content

All polls and customer surveys are truly interactive experience thanks to the inserted images, links or other content added. Show your customers a new product idea, a newly established business or check whether your new business idea falls on fertile ground with your target group.

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Is it all a question of money? Not with TomVote!

TomVote™ has set itself the goal of making the digitization of polls and surveys affordable for a large number of potential users.

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