Many readers of online newspapers these days expect more than just information. They want to interact with the medium and publish their view of what is happening. With the customizable TomVote player rating, well-known newspapers create new player ratings in just a few minutes after each match day, in which thousands of users take part. A comment function can also be integrated for editorial use.

The TomVote™ Kick player rating

The result can then be displayed to all readers or, if desired, only to users who are logged in to the newspaper. This strengthens customer loyalty. User interactions can be evaluated using analysis tools and player ratings can be refinanced through advertising, sponsoring and services such as VG Wort.

TomVote™ is also the ideal tool for fans and visitors who are there live to express their opinions. In this way, actors and clubs get the chance to experience the satisfaction of their spectators and supporters at the touch of a button.