On 5 September has been the initiation of the world’s easiest way to vote by app, and this app is the first one of its kind that uses “percentage vote”.

Leipzig, August, 2014: On 5 September at ten o’clock the new web app-based voting system “TomVote®” has been launched at the IFA exhibition in Berlin. Its revolutionary simple software facilitates any kind of decision-making process, be it voting within your family where to travel or coordinating a worldwide vote for thousands of participants in a multinational company. Decisions come as easily as moving the slider from left to right in the same app. And they are made in real time.The basic web-based version TomVote Free will be free of charge for any private use. It includes creating a simple question or survey, with an invitation for your team, family or peer group, and provides you with an evaluation based on an excel sheet including all available data, as well as a graphic visualization as a PDF chart showing all the results at one glance. All the voters have to do is move a slider, to express their voice.
A survey may include various questions on the same topic, or various topics. You may also use the web app on one single device. After typing in your question you can hand over your smart phone or tablet PC to your participants who may either enter YES or NO (classic mode), or use the advanced percentage vote (online mode). After entering the last vote you can show the results graphically immediately on a big screen, or share them on a social network or via e-mail with your voters.

The really outstanding accessory of this intuitive software is the percentage vote: The voter decides to vote a NO using any value between 0-49 %. If he decides for a YES, it will be between 50-100 %. The voter may also abstain. By using a high percentage like 89 %, he expresses his explicit agreement. When using a low percentage like 10 %, he shows his categorical rejection of a certain issue, while 45 % would show a rather “positive NO”. Once the vote has been ended, the administrator can access all data and see the sum of all votes in a graphical chart. By this he can draw a detailed picture of the mood and tendencies within the group and can come up with further votes to inquire more about a low result. E.g. if you are an elected chairman of an association you can really find out how strongly your associates are backing you up.

Thomas Diekmann, initiator of TomVote and in charge of distribution and marketing at the homonymous company, clarifies: “Everybody knows the situation when you can’t agree on a given subject by 100 %. Our software offers the perfect tool to enable you to articulate yourself in a more honest and authentic way. Not only are voters going to enjoy voting so much more, but also the annoying issue of abstention will be left abstained. I promise you: Once you have tested TomVote two or three times, you won’t vote any other way again!”

Tomvote is not only directed toward private users who want to decide about their next vacation trip, which bar to go out to or the perfect dress for a special occasion. Tomvote is especially designed for companies, NGOs and churches and is predestined for board votes, votes in big conferences, questions regarding new design lines, developments or ideas, as well as staff decisions or customer satisfaction surveys. TomVote Pro allows a higher level of security, a bigger number of participants, as well as a large number of questions. You can, furthermore, record your own data, archive the votes and categorize them by using tags. When using Tomvote Premium, you can white-label and personalize your voting surface or apply your proper company CD and logo onto it. If you need an individual solution, you will be able to integrate TomVote into your specific SAP or other system having full control of all of your data and votes. Please contact us for further details.

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